Improve the digital identity of the business to sell more

The identity of your real estate agency is the set of characteristics that define it, which describes the values ​​and the reason for the business. the logo, the design of the different communication elements, the business ethics, etc., are part of that brand, of the identity of your real estate agency.

The goal is to use all of these visual and physical elements to create a positive impression on your potential customers so that they become end customers.

The identity of any real estate agency including Tajarat properties is one and only, the difference is in the space and the ways in which it is made known to potential users and clients.

In this way, a brand that has a defined identity in offline media, presents itself as the same through digital media, taking advantage of the platforms and spaces that the internet and technological advances allow (website, social networks).

Therefore, the digital identity of your real estate agency is the set of differentiating features that define and differentiate it in the online and digital media and channels. The way you relate to the digital environment, with your followers, the things you do or with whom you interact, determine the digital identity of your real estate agency.

Take care of the quality of the digital identity.

Today building a good digital identity for your business is everything since most of the content, information and advertising that we consume comes from the Internet.

Having a good digital identity for your real estate agency generates authority, transmits security and reliability, defining its professionalism, influence and reputation.

In addition, being more exposed to being observed from all possible angles (with the internet you cannot hide behind a mask) everything that your brand does or says will determine its identity.

Enough reasons why taking care of the digital image of your agency and communication with users and clients is very important.

Like a person, brands must have full knowledge of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, for which it is necessary to have a business plan and a digital marketing plan adapted to all the necessary media and platforms that allow giving to know the brand to users, customers and the competition.

Mistakes to avoid taking care of your digital identity.

There are a series of mistakes to avoid in order to take care of and manage the digital identity of your real estate agency, which we will detail below:

No Transparency and False Testimonials

As we have already mentioned in this article, in the digital world the identity of your real estate agency is its online reputation. And this begins to take root from the moment you write a message in any medium or digital platform about what your business is, what values ​​it has and defends, what it contributes as an agency, etc

This message must be adapted to the language and environment of the target audience your agency is targeting and above all, it must be sincere, without lies or grandstanding. Nothing can destroy the online reputation of your real estate agency faster than the testimony of a user or client who feels cheated.

Lack of Agreement Between the Different Online Media

When opening social media profiles and launching the web, make sure that the biography and the information and images that you are sharing are in tune, adapted to each of the media, platforms, etc., and make it clear what makes your agency stand out from the competition.

Do Not Use Quality Audio-visual Elements In The Content

For the digital identity of your real estate agency to add value to your business, you must make use of content based on visual and multimedia elements that make the information you provide to your potential clients or real clients more attractive and entertaining. Infographics, videos, quality photographs, virtual visits.

It is important to also take care of the quality of the images and avoid the use of pixelated and low-resolution photographs. Especially for your real estate agency it is very important to take care of this aspect since it can cause a potential client to lose interest in a home or in your agency in seconds.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

It seems obvious, but the number of companies that neglect such fundamental details as grammar and spelling on social media, on the web, or in emails to potential customers is astonishing.

Failure To Act Proactively In The Event Of A Digital Reputation Crisis

Even if you have good control over what they talk about your real estate agency or even that you work it preventively (for example, send messages to the media so that they talk about the agency as you want) you may at some point receive an attack from negative messages that destabilize your digital reputation.

For this time of crisis, you must be prepared and act quickly, responding and minimizing negative comments effectively.

As you have seen in the article, building a good online reputation for your real estate agency requires, in addition to time, effort and perseverance, having a good prior strategy, in line with business objectives and being able to make the right decisions based on is.

If you have been wanting to know more, in the book Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age you will discover how to apply all these concepts to your business.

Application of neuromarketing in the real estate sector

Neuromarketing as a marketing strategy in the real estate sector is not one of the techniques that are most used, but well applied, it can significantly help you to boost the sale of your agency’s homes and attract more clients.

In this article I explain what it is and I reveal how to take advantage of it to implement some of its keys and increase sales and attract more customers.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing studies, in general terms, what type of sensations our brain likes when buying, what sensations we run away from and to which ones directly, it does not respond.


This information is very valuable to develop better services, products and, knowing how, communicate and sell them.

Selling a house in less time is possible thanks to applying neuromarketing since selling a house is still selling a product and as such, you must ensure that it captivates the future buyer from the first moment, that this potential buyer wants it and, therefore, that it becomes your client.

Keys to apply it in your real estate agency.

To reduce the time that a home is for sale, reduce the visit / purchase ratio and therefore increase the home sales of your real estate agency, you must work to achieve excellence in each visit. capital smart city make the potential client fall in love with him through the five senses.

The five senses influence all people in how we establish contact, how we perceive and how we interact with our environment and with other people.

And what are some keys to achieve this excellence in each visit and seduce the potential customer during the visit to a home to buy it?

Simple Like

Take care of the order and decoration of the house: various studies affirm that our brain captures and assimilates simple, round and curvilinear shapes much better than straight and flat ones. These will be aspects to take into account when carrying out a Home Staging work (setting up the house for sale) in each visit that is going to be made.

It is not working on a reform, a large investment, or an interior design project, but rather making small changes to the home so that the first impression causes a crush on the potential client.

The Brain Completes the Picture

The brain of the future buyer can project the image of their new life in that space they visit, going from seeing “the visit of a house” to seeing “their life in that home”.

To do this, we must help you create an unforgettable user experience during the visit: remove personal objects (depersonalize the house) of the homeowner, warm the environment, using white and light colors for painting the walls and furniture, lighting according to each room to focus attention on the strengths of the house, etc.

Analyse Very Well the Order In Which You Show The Rooms

Show the house from the outside in, from the outside to the inside. Once inside, the first spaces that are taught should be the strong points of the house.

Before, carry out a study to optimize the circulation of spaces, remove all objects that hinder or hinder the route. Put yourself in the eyes of the client to design the route that you will take during the visit.

Complete the visit by highlighting attractive features and few of each stay, receiving too many good features can confuse the potential client and make them unable to make the decision.

The Ear-Sound

Putting background music, at an adequate volume and in line with the profile of the person visiting the home, seems like a simple detail but it helps you to generate positive emotions and conditions the decision-making that the potential buyer may have since you are directly influencing how you feel and helping you see that home as your future new home.

Make Your Potential Client Feel Very Close

You must use a natural, positive, polite and close language to generate greater confidence.

It is also very important to remember the name of the potential client when you address him as well as commenting on the data that he may have given you or commenting on his family, hobbies, etc., it is a way of showing that person how important he is for your real estate agency.

Do not constantly talk about the characteristics of the home, but about what “you” (user) can enjoy, get, etc. if you buy the house, help you visualize your life in that home.


Using specific fragrances in different areas of the home depending on the use of the room, provokes positive emotions, and thus directly influences the behaviour of the future buyer.