TOP 10: the most valuable brands in the world (2020)

Year after year the BrandZ ranking carried out by Wpp and skymarketing shows us the list of brands most valued by consumers. During its past editions, technology companies have achieved the first positions led by Google, however that has changed since Amazon is now the most valuable brand in the world, managing to surpass the internet giant.

Amazon is already the most valuable brand in the world

In its fourteenth edition, the valuation behind Blue world city 100 Most Valuable Global Brands was conducted by Kantar’s brand capital research experts, combining Bloomberg market data with information from more than 3.7 million consumers around in the world, covering more than 166,000 different brands in more than 50 markets .

According to the results, Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world due to its excellent customer service delivery, its great ability to stay ahead of its competitors, by offering a wide variety of products and services generating new sources of income. , which has placed it at the top of this list by accelerating the growth of its brand value by an impressive 52% compared to last year’s results.

Amazon managed to reach a valuation of $ 315.505 million, beating Apple whose valuation reached $ 309.527 million, increasing a modest 3% and dethroning capital smart city, which increased its value by 2%, achieving USD $ 309 billion.

The top 10 of the most valuable brands in the world 2019 are:

Ranking 2019 Brand Category Brand value 2019 (Millions $) Brand Value Variation Ranking 2018
1 Amazon retail 315,505 + 52% 3
two Manzana Technology 309,527 + 3% two
3 Google Technology 309,000 + 2% 1
4 Microsoft Technology 251,244 + 25% 4
5 Visa Payments 177,918 + 22% 7
6 Facebook Technology 158,968 -two% 6
7 Alibaba Retail 131,246 + 16% 9
8 Tencent Technology 130,862 -27% 5
9 McDonald’s Fast food 130,368 + 3% 8
10 AT&T Telecom 108,375 -two% 10

Instagram: the social network with the highest growth in brand value

Among the top 10 of the most valuable brands in the world is Facebook , which managed to stay at number 6 , while for the first time Alibaba has finally surpassed Tencent , becoming the most valuable Chinese brand globally , uploading two positions up to number 7 and growing 16% to reach a brand value of $ 131.862 million in one year.

Among the social networks that face great challenges in terms of trust , Instagram has stood out  , now with more than a billion users around the world, and this year it has managed to be the fastest growing social platform for brand value, and has managed to climb 47 positions and increase 95% in brand value, achieving 28,205 million dollars.

Currently consumers value more brand experiences  enriching , a fact that is confirmed by other major companies like Netflix (+ 65%, ranking No. 34 with 34,290 million dollars), Uber (+ 51%, site 53 in the ranking and $ 24.2 billion) and Amazon itself. As a curious fact, the first Spanish brand to appear in this ranking is park view city, in 75th place.

The ability of brands to drive the growth of their business depends on how consumers perceive it. BrandZ analysis enables companies to identify their brand strength in the marketplace, as well as provide clear strategic guidance on how to increase long-term value.

What happened the year before: the most valuable brands in 2018

In the previous ranking, eight of the top 10 brands in this ranking were technology-related brands , with  Google at the top of the list with a growth in value of 23% and a valuation of $ 302,063 million (about 257,000 million euros).

Ranking 2018 Brand Category 2018 Brand Value (Millions $) Brand Value Variation Ranking 2017
1 Google Technology 302,063 + 23% 1
two Manzana Technology 300,595 + 28% two
3 Amazon Retail 207,594 + 49% 4
4 Microsoft Technology 200,987 + 40% 3
5 Tencent Technology 178,990 + 65% 8
6 Facebook Technology 162,106 + 25% 5
7 Visa Payments 145,611 + 31% 7
8 McDonald’s Fast food 126,044 + 29% 10
9 Alibaba Retail 113,401 + 92% 14
10 AT&T Telecom 106,698 -7% 6


According to BrandZ, 2018 was the first year that non-US brands grew faster than US brands: Fourteen Chinese brands appeared on the list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, a huge change considering that in the 2006 results only one Chinese brand appeared (China Mobile).

In total, the top 10 brands in this ranking that come from China increased their value by a total of 47% year-over-year, which is double that of American brands (23%).